Children’s Ministry

Our children’s ministry is called J.A.M (Jesus And Me) Club. This ministry provides a spiritual nurturing environment in which every child can grow in God’s unconditional love. Our goal is to teach the word of God with simplicity and understanding so that our children can grow up in the way of the Lord, applying the Word in their day to day lives.


Women’s Ministry

This ministry focuses on establishing and positioning women in the Kingdom of God through conferences, fellowship, camps, teachings and supporting one another. Our goal is to raise up Godly wives, mothers, ladies and leaders who are grounded and rooted on the principles of God’s Word to fulfil their God-given destiny.


Youth Ministry

Our youth are the future church and leaders. Our aim is thus to raise up a generation that loves God and His Word, and  demonstrates the fruit of the Spirit in a practical way in their everyday life. This is achieved through music, sports, fellowship, the Word, worship and interacting with our young people in the body of Christ.


Men’s Fellowship

One of our core values is strengthening families and hence this ministry focuses on developing men. Our aim is to develop men to become Godly men at home, business, in the work place, in the church and in their respective vocations. We aim to achieve this through conferences, seminars, teachings, fellowship, sport, worship, camps and outreaches.


Praise and Worship

Worship is the heartbeat of JFWC and we have a dynamic up and coming praise and worship team. We love to worship and we have a dedicated team that ushers in the presence of God every week. Our goal is to develop a strong team of musicians and also to develop strong children and youth bands. Practice is held once a week and church members are encouraged to attend if they want to get involved with this ministry.


Connect Groups

In order to grow the church, strengthen families, develop leaders and take the church to our communities, we have instituted connect groups. Our focus is to develop our members to lead praise and worship, teach the Word and have fellowship with each other. The connect groups are held at each member’s house within the designated areas, in order to encourage our members to attend these weekly meetings.

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